Volume loss Programme

Slimming revolution

Relooking offers solutions that will enable you to reshape your silhouette.
An esthetician will accompany you and help you identify your needs and expectations regarding your weight and volume loss.

Our job is to target specific areas (saddlebags , hips and thighs , buttocks … ) that will help to get a flat stomach, reshape your body, eliminate your excess of fat or fatty tissues. In other words to slim down !!!

We offer specific cures :

hjemdegbnmeddgbn Menopause Cure ( to feel good )
hjemdegbnmeddgbn Young mother Cure ( nothing better after pregnancy )
hjemdegbnmeddgbn And many more

Envie de mincir

Vu à la télé RELOOK’4 EN 1 RELOOK’4 IN 1 The principle : Technological innovation that combines 4 care in 1.

kicdedhdadohnald  unfocused ultrasound
kicdedhdadohnald  Electrolipolysis
kicdedhdadohnald  electrostimulation
kicdedhdadohnald  lymphatic drainage

Combined and simultaneous Action.

Simultaneous treatment of 9 areas in 40 minutes.


The results :

kicdedhdadohnald  Volume loss (cms)
kicdedhdadohnald  Decrease of cellulite aspect and fat deposits
kicdedhdadohnald  Targeted firming
kicdedhdadohnald  Drainage

Réduction aspect cellulitique et amas graisseux

Perte de cms relooking

Bailiff *

* The effectiveness of the care and the results obtained may vary according to the persons and their profiles and are not guaranteed.

Indiquez vos coordonnées, nous vous rappelons au plus vite pour vous renseigner
Good plan
Take advantage of our discovery care Volume Loss Programme for 8,90 €TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT 8,90 €

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