Detox Spa Relaxation Programme

The Cocoon …

Spa bien être détente, le cocoon

… with its exclusive concept of thermosudation, is the real partner for thinness. An active and relaxing slimming Care…

The Cocoon slimming cures can trigger the tissues disgorging process, drain toxins out,, reduce orange-peel aspect of cellulite, relax and strengthen.

Embrace a unique experience of physical and emotional well-being. Enter the cocoon universe.

The Cocoon goals :

hjemdegbnmeddgbn SLIMMING Goal :
Remodeling – Cellulite Reduction – Firming

hjemdegbnmeddgbn DETOXIFICATION Goal :
Drainage – Elimination – Hydration – Anti-aging

hjemdegbnmeddgbn WELLNESS Goal :
Relaxation – Pain relief – Recovery

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Bailiff *

* Care efficiency and the results obtained may vary according to people and their profile, and they are not guaranteed

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